Save 10% On All Orders!

September 13, 2009

Natural Products for You and Your Pet

***The non-profit Wysong Institute is offering a free weight loss program. The information is available to anyone to utilize, and participants who wish to may work hand-in-hand with Wysong – anonymously if desired.

Wysong is offering introductory packs for dogs & cats for $17.99 plus $9.99 handling fee.
Each Wysong Product Introductory Pack contains:

* 4 lb. bag of Maintenance (for dogs) / 4 lb. bag of Vitality (for cats)
* 1 Small Bag of Dream Treats (for both dogs and cats)
* 2 Single Dream Treats
* 2 Pouches of UnCanny (for both dogs and cats)
* 1 Au Jus Turkey 5.5 oz can
* 1 Sample of Archetype (FREE)
* 1 Sample of DentaTreat (FREE)
* 1 Sample of Addlife (FREE)
* 1 Copy of The Master Key to Health (FREE – A $12.95 value!)

Wysong offers natural products for humans and animals.

Human products:

Water quality products

Personal care products such as:
*Body & skin care
*Dental care
*Hair care
*Household products

Health Food:
*Food & snacks
*Seasoning and oils
*Food prep products

Pet Products:
*Raw food for dogs & cats
*Dry food for dogs & cats
*Canned food for dogs & cats
*Supplements for dogs & cats
*Grooming care for dogs & cats
*Ferret food (canned & raw)
*Horse feed and supplements